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Bridging the Education to Employment Skills Gap

Ascent is invested in helping early career professionals unlock career possibilities with AscentUP, our proprietary professional development training and wrap around support designed to build confidence, develop new skills, and jumpstart dream careers.

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Interactive courses and resources from industry experts

AscentUP is launching careers by bridging the gap from education-to-employment.

Our platform teaches durable skills via relevant topics, timely resources, and expert insights, empowering confidence to reach career and financial goals.

With AscentUP's interactive content, learners will build lifelong confidence and skills as they:

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Over 50,000 learners have gained the extra support to reach their Unlimited Potential

Professional development training for learners

Level UP your career potential

Learn, grow, and excel in your future career. From building an effective resume to preparing for your first day on the job, Ascent is invested in your academic, career and financial success by offering personalized training to help you navigate your career journey.

  • Self-paced, mobile-friendly training you can access 24/7
  • Discover the unwritten rules of the workplace and learn to lean into your strengths
  • Explore your career options and passions with a professional coach
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professional development training for employers
Professional development training for employers

Train, retain, and elevate UP your teams

Give new hires a strong foundation for success and save time and money along the way with AscentUP.

  • Enhance retention with more prepared employees on day #1 and happier managers
  • Increase productivity with team members equipped to succeed
  • Build a sense of belonging for early career professionals
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Career development support for schools

Level UP your learners’ career readiness

Invest in helping your team support more learners with the resources they need to transition successfully into a a first job or internship.

  • Empower your team and maximize their potential reach with the resources to support more students
  • Track outcomes data and salary with real-time reports
  • Co-branded experience to match your school
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professional development training for students

Investing in students' success:

AscentUP is our path to increase income for students by $10 billion in five years.

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Frequently asked questions about AscentUP

AscentUP is a professional training platform to help learners get access to career readiness tools and resources that help them succeed in their careers.

This program is a two-tier offering for student borrowers with an Ascent loans. Through the program, Tier 1 members gain access to our digital resources. Tier 2 members unlock access to up to 6 one-on-one success coaching sessions for personalized guidance and accountability.

To be eligible for coaching through AscentUP, the student borrower must be an undergraduate who is new to Ascent and has taken out an Ascent student loan since May 1, 2019. Ascent’s consumer loans for bootcamps and graduate student loans do not qualify for AscentUP coaching.

All Ascent loan applicants gain Tier 1 access to digital success resources. Tier 2 access to one-on-one coaching is granted for one year to students whose Ascent undergraduate loans are funded. Please see the AscentUP Terms of Service for more details on eligibility.

Ascent offers this program, valued at $250/year, to borrowers for free as an investment in their educational and professional success.

AscentUP is a free benefit for applying for and/or taking out an Ascent loan. When your free access period of one year ends, no fees will be charged and your membership will expire, unless you take an action to extend your access. Please see the AscentUP Terms of Service for more details on eligibility.

You can opt-out of AscentUP by emailing [email protected].

AscentUP coaching empowers people to grow academically and professionally by building effective habits, guiding them to resources, and developing the skills they need to turn their goals into reality.

Our AscentUP coaches can assist you in making a unique plan to do well in school, including teaching time management tips, sharing budgeting strategies, and more. Your AscentUP coach can also help you prepare for your career with resume advice, how to choose a career that’s best for you, and additional tips for jump-starting your career.

All members of AscentUP have Tier 1 access which unlocks our digital resources which includes blogs, courses, webinars, videos, quizzes, guides, and more that can help you plan your pathway to success during college and starting your career.

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