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Scale Your Career Readiness Impact with AscentUP

AscentUP is driving positive outcomes for students through our professional development training, designed to help schools maximize their resources and help learners enter the workforce more prepared for their careers.

Enable even more learners to gain job-ready skills

The job market is rapidly evolving. AscentUP can help you keep pace with workforce trends and shape the next generation of professionals with career-readiness training learners can access anywhere, anytime.


Customized Experience

Develop a tailored training experience that your learners can benefit from that seamlessly fits in with your existing materials.

Innovative Learning Modules

Showcase actionable, real-world insights from relatable industry experts teaching the “unwritten rules of the workplace”.

Personalized Career Guidance

Access personality assessments, tools and resources to help learners navigate their individual career paths.

Flexible Learning

Learners can easily balance class, projects, work, personal responsibilities, and skills training with access to content 24/7.

Real-Time Reporting

Collect and monitor data on how your learners are progressing with customized reporting dashboards.

Level up your school with AscentUP

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Increase Student Engagement
and Retention

Help learners gain job-ready skills, so they stay committed to their education and are better prepared for a full-time job.

Level UP Item 2

Enhance Your School’s

Position your school and staff as an institution that is rooted in driving positive outcomes and getting students ready for the real world.

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Gain a Competitive Advantage for

Attract more students and drive enrollment by offering success resources that go beyond the classroom and deliver a tangible ROI on their education.

Learners Can Access High-Quality Content and Resources 24/7

From resume help to personal budgeting best practices, AscentUP offers a library of cutting-edge content and resources that your learners can access 24/7.

We cover topics such as:

  • Financial Wellness: How to budget effectively, bouncing back from bad credit, key financial terms to know
  • Academic Success: How to manage your time effectively, grit and growth mindset, advocating for yourself
  • Job Search: Preparing for informational interviews, negotiating job offers, understanding the hiring process
  • Career Readiness: How to communicate with your manager, best practices for asking for clarification on a project
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24/7 content

Track Learners Progress with Customized Reports

Stay informed on your learners’ progress with a customized AscentUP dashboard and reports.

  • Monitor participation and completion rates to determine preparedness for an internship or job
  • Receive detailed analysis of learners’ success rates and opportunities for ongoing training
  • Show up for coaching sessions with data of students of
    baseline knowledge
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AscentUP is driving success for more than 50,000 learners to date

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