Learning how to budget

Learning how to budget isn’t rocket science.

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How to Make a Budget

Like everything else, budgeting takes time, practice and patience as you learn to manage your monthly bills and expenses like rent, gas, groceries, school supplies, and parking permits, while still enjoying your college experience. Fortunately, Ascent has resources out there to help you start to manage your money better and set yourself up for financial success even after you graduate.

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Ascent is committed to helping students beyond just a student loan. We encourage every student to be forward-thinking about each penny they spend so they grow from a college student just starting out to a financially savvy graduate ready to take on the world. We’ve pulled together our best videos and blog posts to support you on your journey to financial wellness and learn how to budget.

Top Budgeting Videos

Ways to Get Cash

$80,000 in Scholarships

We’re giving away two $1,000 student scholarships every month. Enter for your chance to win our Shining Stars Scholarship and Community Champions Scholarship in 3 easy steps – no essay required.

Earn $525 for Each Friend You Refer

Ascent’s Refer A Friend Program helps you earn money to help cover the cost of college and other expenses. You can earn up to $525 for each friend you refer, and your friends get paid too! Learn more and start referring today.

Ascent Rewards Program

Ascent Rewards is an easy cash back program designed to help you earn cash from making purchases at over 60,000+ of your favorite stores. You can accumulate cash rewards and make payments with Ascent Rewards. *

1% Cash Back at Graduation

If you choose to fund your education with an Ascent Student loan, you can apply to get 1% Cash Back on the principle loan amount at graduation. See full details.

Tips to Plan & Pay for College

Guide to Paying for College

Our Guide to Paying for College has key dates and tips to help you master the complicated and ever-changing world of financial aid. Download your free copy now.

Finding the Right College & Major

See how your major and college choices measure up – Ascent’s Bright Futures™ Engine powers students to evaluate the return of their educational investment by comparing the expected salary with the cost of attendance.

Meet Your Student Loan Sidekick

Chipper is a loan management app that encourages you to tackle debt in a smarter way by rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar and applying those extra cents to your highest loan amount each week.

Superpower Your Spare Change

ChangEd securely links to your credit and debit cards, then rounds purchases to the next dollar and sends that extra change to the loan servicer.

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