When do I start making payments on my Ascent bootcamp loan?

Depending on your school and program, you’ll have the choice between several repayment plans. Your repayment plan will determine how and when you’ll repay your loan.

  • Deferred Repayment: You’ll make no payments while you’re in school and for three months after. Then you’ll start making full payments (interest + principal).
  • Interest-only Repayment: you’ll start making smaller interest-only payments roughly one month after your program begins. Three months after your program ends, you’ll start making full payments (interest + principal).
  • Immediate Repayment: You’ll start making full payments (interest + principal) roughly one month after your program starts.
  • Outcomes Loans or Deferred Tuition Loans: If you meet certain eligibility requirements, you can make no payments for up to a year after you complete your program, or when you receive a qualifying job offer as determined by the Thinkful Tuition Refund Guarantee, Springboard Job Guarantee, or Bloomtech Tuition Refund Guarantee. Afterwards, you’ll start making full payments (interest + principal). This option is only available for programs at Thinkful, Springboard, and Bloomtech (additional terms apply).
  • Zero Percent Loan: You’ll make no payments for at least three months after you exit your program. Then you’ll start making full monthly payments. If you do not find a qualifying job as determined by your school, you can request to defer repayment. Only available for programs at certain schools (additional terms apply).

Before you apply, you can preview the loan options available for your school and program.

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