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Take a walk through our partner community and visit our partner sites to learn more.

Ascent is committed to partnering with innovative companies paving the way for students to achieve financial wellness and a healthy well-being while attending college. Take a walk through our partner community and visit our partner sites to learn more.

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Life Insurance


Avibra is a free mobile app offering content to improve your well-being as well as no-cost life insurance for students.*Learn More
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Loan Management


Chipper is a dynamic loan management app that encourages students to tackle their student loans in a smarter and faster way. Thinking about grabbing an acai bowl this morning? Round up to the nearest dollar and apply those extra cents to your highest loan amount every week.Learn More
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Cash Back Program

Ascent Rewards

Ascent Rewards is an effortless cash back program designed to help students receive rewards by directing the cash they earn toward bills, savings, or charitable donations.*Learn More
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Pay Your Loan


ChangEd is (literally) changing the way students build a secure and efficient way to manage their student loans. How does it work? ChangEd securely links to a student’s credit and debit cards, then rounds purchases to the next dollar and send that extra change to the loan servicer.Learn More
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Collaboration Platform


Jobspeaker is an online community of experts working to bridge the gap between education, employment and beyond. It’s a collaboration platform for students, jobseekers, college career services, and employers looking to bring on the right talent for their growing teams.Learn More
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Embark is a leading provider of online application and admissions software to schools, universities, colleges, and fellowship programs around the world. They launched, CollegeCents, to help students claim their financial aid.Learn More

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