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How One Student is Pursuing His Dreams
Apr 12, 2023 | By: Breanna Knight
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Congratulations to Harsimran Sandhu, our $10,000 Pursue Your Dream Contest winner! We asked students to share their ambitions in a… Read More
What I’ve Learned in College
College has been some of the best few years of my life and I've learned a lot along the way… Read More
Conversation on Tech & Film: Lesly Lynch
Jan 25, 2023 | By: Breanna Knight
Categories: Blog, For Students, For College Students, Celebrating Women, For Grad Students
If you’re looking for a career with endless possibilities, a position in the tech industry can deliver. Case in point,… Read More
How to Find Your Dream Job or Internship – Your Job Search Checklist
Jan 11, 2023 | By: Ascent
Categories: Blog, For Students, For College Students, For Grad Students
Whether you’re an incoming college freshman looking for an internship or a recent graduate on the hunt for that first… Read More
Ways to Get Straight A’s in College
If straight A’s is something you're striving for, follow these 13 tips to build the skills needed to achieve good… Read More
Ken Joins Episode #114 of The Higher Ed Geek Podcast with Dustin Ramsdell
Feb 10, 2021 | By: Ascent
Categories: Blog, News, For College Students
Ascent’s CEO & Chairman, Ken Ruggiero, recently sat down with Dustin Ramsdell at The Higher Ed Geek Podcast to talk… Read More
Enter Ascent’s Second Annual 50 Days of $1,000 Scholarships
Starting today, you can enter for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship from Ascent every weekday through August 10,… Read More
3 Steps to Help You Decide on a College Major
We’ve compiled three steps to help you decide on a college major, not just based on your interests and passions,… Read More
Ascent Launches New Bright Futures™ Engine to Bring Transparency to the College Decision Making Process
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, SAN DIEGO, CA (December 10, 2019) – From chemical engineering to sociology, a student’s future earnings after… Read More