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We can help you choose a great school and fund your education. We offer flexible and simple payment options at schools we believe in. To learn more, visit our student resources or get in touch with our friendly team.

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First, preview your loan options upfront.

Once you’ve chosen a program, you can preview your loan options upfront and find a payment plan that works best for you. Whether you want to pay your loan off as fast as possible or pay nothing while you’re studying and for 3 months after, Ascent offers flexible loan options tailored to your needs.

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Our loan application process is quick and easy. In just a few minutes, you can see your pre-qualified rates without impacting your credit score. If you don’t meet our requirements to qualify on your own, we give you the option to add a cosigner at any time.

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And lastly, we’ll pay your school.

We send tuition payments straight to your school. If you are receiving other funds, we’ll send that money directly to you! With your costs covered, you can focus on your program.


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More ways to fund your bootcamp

Ascent offers a chance to win scholarships with no essay and an easy application process that are available to bootcamp students all year round. Enter for a chance to win – it only takes a few minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ascent?

Ascent Funding is an award-winning lender and student success company committed to revolutionizing how you access higher education at colleges and coding bootcamps. Ascent empowers students from all economic backgrounds and disciplines (including DACA students) to maximize the return on their education with resources such as our Bright Futures Engine, Bootcamp Finder, and financial wellness tips. To set students up for success, we offer scholarships (over $80,000 this year) and exclusive benefits for students.

How does Ascent pick which bootcamps to work with?

We strive to partner with quality schools because we believe they can deliver a valuable return on education to students. We start by asking schools (bootcamps) questions about their curriculum, student outcomes like graduation rates, employment rates and average salaries for graduates and keep in touch with schools and our students to see how they are performing.

Who is WTEA?
The Workforce Talent Educators Association (WTEA) is a unified group of educators, employers, and stakeholders who value equitable access, outcomes transparency, and employer engagement. WTEA certifies excellence in career-building education with a focus on rigorous assessment of workforce outcomes and skill development rather than regulating the mode of instruction or curriculum, freeing institutions to find what works best for their learners and employer partners. Ascent partners with WTEA to review and verify quality assurance metrics for partner schools & programs.  More information about WTEA is available at
How can I cover the cost of my bootcamp?

Here are the most common bootcamp payment options:

*Not an available option through Ascent.

Loan Financing – A loan involves getting money upfront to cover your program costs and then paying it back over time plus accrued interest. It typically covers the program’s tuition and sometimes your cost of living as well.

Deferred Tuition – Deferment allows you to take out a loan and not pay anything until you’ve graduated from your program. This grace period may last up to 3 months post-graduation. Keep in mind that interest does typically continue to accrue during this time.

Payment Upfront – This option entails paying your full tuition amount upfront. Some schools may give a tuition discount for this payment option.*

Payment Plans – This option allows you to break up your tuition amount into smaller monthly payments, typically over 12 months. There may be a service fee to choose this option.* Income Share Agreements – Also known as ISAs, this option allows you to postpone tuition payments until you have started a job paying over the minimum salary amount set by your school, often $40,000-$60,000. Once in repayment, you will pay a certain percentage of your salary until you hit the repayment cap, typically 1-2 times the initial tuition amount. The benefit of an ISA is that if your salary drops below the income threshold or if you are unemployed, your payments pause.*

Scholarships – Many bootcamps and organizations award scholarships to students that do not need to be paid back. Ascent’s scholarship giveaways may help cover the cost of your school-related expenses – including tuition, books, rent, groceries, parking and transportation, and more, as well as other monthly bills and purchases.

For more detailed information on your payment options, visit the website of your top schools for more info and download our free PDF guide to choosing a bootcamp.