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A Q&A Interview with Cruz Sanchez

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Everyone’s path to a career they love looks different. No one knows this better than Cruz Sanchez, a bootcamp graduate who found his way into the tech industry with the help of Ascent’s bootcamp loan program. Below, Cruz shares with us some insight into his process of getting involved with bootcamps and what his work looks like today.


Why tech? What made you choose this field?  

Well, to be honest I didn’t start down this career path initially. Once I graduated high school, I thought I would be a welder and mechanic for the rest of my life. In 2018 I found myself working for a company I hated and was looking for a way out of the blue-collar industry. I heard about TrueCoders on the radio one morning and decided to give it a shot. Growing up, I always wanted to be a video game developer or work with computers in some capacity, but I thought you had to go through a 4-year degree program, so I didn’t pursue it; I would later find out that isn’t the case.   


What was your educational experience like in your area of study? Which programs have helped you get to where you are now?  

Prior to TrueCoders, I only had a High School Diploma. I was and still am strongly against going to college unless you’re planning on being a surgeon or something like that. The only program I have ever done in this industry is TrueCoders.  


How did you go about finding your loan and what advice would you give to someone else looking to fund their own bootcamp experience?  

I learned about the Ascent loan once I started the application process to join TrueCoders. I highly recommend using Ascent to fund your tuition for attending our class. The process is very straightforward, and the terms are great for students with just about any budget. If you cannot get funding alone, you can reapply with a credit-worthy co-signer, like I did.   


While building a career for your love of the tech industry, what have you learned along the way?  

The biggest thing I have learned is that software developers can solve just about any problem thrown their way, and that’s not limited to just coding-related problems. Being a software developer changes the way you think about and approach an issue; in addition to that, you have the skills to find an answer to just about any question. 


Do you have any career goals for the year 2023?  

One thing I love about being with TrueCoders is that I can positively impact people’s lives. I always said that if there is someone that is feeling the way I did about my career in 2018, I want to be able to assist that person because I know how it feels to be in that situation. My goal is to better as many lives as I can. 


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Follow Cruz on his LinkedIn to learn more about the work he does and his journey into tech.  

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