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Astrology with Ascent: Your Career and Finance Horoscope 

Ever wondered what astrology signs have to do with finances? Continue reading to find out what Ascent believes your horoscope says about your career, personality, and spending habits.

Astrology with Ascent does not constitute, replace, and should not be construed as financial, legal, psychological, or any other type of professional advice on any subject matter and is for entertainment purposes only.

Capricorn: You cannot stand unnecessary purchases and are often considered the “practical” one. You’re great at saving money, and when you have a financial goal, you meet it. As a known workaholic, Capricorns need to remember to take a break every now and then. You may also struggle to “treat yourself” because of your strong trait of practicality. 

Aquarius: You don’t enjoy being told how to spend your money. Operating with a set of clear values, your career moves are made with sustainability and ethics in mind. Being one of the more impulsive signs, you may have to work harder to stick to your budget. 

Pisces: A soulful, great listener. You find yourself spending a lot on lattes while sitting across from a good friend or paying extra for the best phone plan to support lengthy, heartfelt conversations with your long-distance pals. Careful, a shopping trip could prove detrimental, as a Pisces may be easily persuaded into unnecessary purchases.  

Aries: You are known for your goal-oriented mindset. You care for yourself and know you deserve kindness and empathy. You’re not afraid to negotiate a salary or request a day off when you need one! You find yourself growing impatient with long-term efforts, like building savings or gaining job experience. Don’t forget to take your time on what matters, Aries! 

Taurus: Your stubborn nature comes in handy, Taurus! While some may consider your “hard-headedness” a flaw, this trait helps you stick to your budget. You plan your next moves carefully and like to have plenty of time to think through your purchases.  

Gemini: Your shopping trips turn into an all-day event, not because you’re vain, but due to your well-known trait of indecisiveness. Your star sign aids your career and keeps you moving onward and upward because you never stop growing and learning! 

Cancer: Gift-giving is your love language. You have a category in your budget for giving to your favorite charity or spoiling your friends on their birthdays. In your free time, you can be a bit of a homebody, so you may find yourself overspending on takeout and delivery.  

Leo: You love to pamper yourself. To afford your favorite self-care habits, you’ve become the champion of side hustles. While some Leos are seen as “vain” this really stems from a tireless need to please others. This could cause them to be hard on themselves in the workplace. Remember the only one you need approval from is you, Leo! 

Virgo: You keep all your receipts in a neat little binder. Your taxes are done ahead of time, and you rarely miss paying a bill. Remember, Virgo, while you may be the humblest of star signs, you are a hard worker and deserving of praise. 

Libra: Fairness is important to you. You’re the friend who makes sure the bill at the restaurant is split evenly between the group. Libras also spend plenty of their allotted budget on their personal space. You crave coziness at home and are willing to splurge a bit to get it! 

Scorpio: You know what you want from your career and your personal life…but it’s hard to turn down that shiny thing catching your eye on a shopping spree. You also never round your dollar at the checkout. Some may think it cold-hearted, but really you prefer researching and giving to the causes of your choice.  

Sagittarius: Your “rainy day fund” gets used for concert tickets and weekends away with your friends. When it comes to your job, you’ll find a Sagittarius in whichever career they can find with the most vacation days. While in the office, they are always chasing fun endeavors with their coworkers. How is that workplace pickle-ball tournament going?

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