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Coding Bootcamps for Women: The Ultimate Guide

Jan 12, 2022 | By: Ascent
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It’s a fact: women are underrepresented in technology. Women make up 29% of the overall STEM workforce, and just 3% of them are in the position of Chief Executive Officer. Even more, women of color make up just 11.5% of people employed in STEM fields, making up approximately one-third of all women. It’s clear that the industry needs to make room for more gender equality at every level across organizations, not just for more representation but also so young women can identify with role models as they pursue their programs. 

If you’ve ever thought about a STEM career, participating in a coding bootcamp is just one way you can gain the skills you need to be successful and be part of the wave of women that are storming through the doors of technology. 

Many programs offer scholarships geared toward women and other underrepresented minorities to help promote diversity. We’ve created this coding bootcamps for women guide to help you find a coding bootcamp program that fits your needs.

Quick Facts About Women in Coding

There’s no doubt that women are breaking into tech and STEM fields with much more force than ever before. While women make up one-third of people employed in the STEM field, this is largely due in part to their representation in healthcare professions while also being grossly underrepresented in engineering and computer science career paths. 

The need for tech and STEM skills will be important to secure the jobs of the future. Because of this, tech companies must recognize the current gender imbalance and find ways to empower more women to enter the field with confidence.  Below are a few statistics regarding women in STEM, reported by the American Association of University Women and Course Report.

  • In online bootcamps, women make up 49.5% of online graduates, and men make up 49% – they are almost equally represented.
  • Women make up about 19% of all computer and information sciences majors at traditional universities and colleges. Women also account for only about 21% of engineering majors.
  • Just 38% of women who major in computer science work in the field. Additionally, only 24% of women who majored in engineering work in the engineering field.
  • Compared to their counterparts, men make nearly $15,000 more per year than women, and women of color in STEM earn about $33,000 less than their male peers. 

Women in Tech Organizations

While there are specific coding bootcamps for women, such as Hackbright Academy, ADA Developers Academy, and Grace Hopper, plenty of communities support women who code. These communities are created by women to support other women and can support you along your journey. One benefit of finding your community when you choose your coding bootcamp is that they will provide connections to help you prepare for coding bootcamp and understand how to succeed in a coding bootcamp. 

Browse this list & join some networking groups. You’ll be able to ask questions and connect with fellow women in technology. Be sure to check out your local organizations as well!

Bootcamps That Offer Scholarships Based on Diversity

While there are plenty of coding schools to select from if you are interested in pursuing a career in technology, many programs offer scholarships to women to help promote diversity and get more women in bootcamps. To help guide you in your research, here are some bootcamp programs with links to the scholarships they offer as of November 2021:

  • Alchemy Code Lab: Alchemy Code Lab offers a Diversity In Tech Scholarship, a PDX Women of Color Tech Scholarship, and WWCode Portland & Alchemy, plus a $2,500 Scholarship for Women.
  • Burlington Code Academy: Burlington Code Academy’s Impact Scholarship is committed to diversifying the tech industry by lowering the financial barrier of entry to students affected by systemic barriers and widespread injustice. 
  • Code Fellows: As part of their Diversity Scholarship, individuals from underserved backgrounds can apply for scholarships. They also offer one full-ride scholarship to a Black American in every cohort.
  • Codeplatoon: At Codeplatoon, scholarships are available for both Veterans and military spouses who will attend Code Platoon.
  • DeltaV: Women, U.S. military veterans, low income, and populations underrepresented in technology (African American, Hispanic, and Native American, including Alaskan and Hawaiian, and people with disabilities) are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance from their Diversity Tuition Awards.
  • DevPoint Labs: DevPoint Labs offers two scholarships for their Full-Time ProEd Web Development and Part-Time Web Development classes.
  • Flatiron School: Flatiron School’s Women Take Tech initiative partners with various companies to award scholarships to women. Each month Flatiron School awards up to 75 women a partial scholarship of $2,000 each.
  • Fullstack Academy: All women accepted to Fullstack Academy are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship if they pay upfront. 
  • Grand Circus: Grand Circus Academy offers a Diversity Scholarship of $1,750 towards underrepresented groups in tech, including anyone who identifies as a woman.
  • Hackbright Academy: Hackbright Academy’s Changemaker Scholarship provides two half-tuition scholarships to changemakers for the Full-Time or Part-Time Software Engineering Program.
  • General Assembly: General Assembly’s Break the Glass tuition discount reflects their commitment to championing gender diversity and inclusion at all levels in STEM fields so they can thrive in the world’s fastest-growing industries.
  • Ironhack: Ironhack offers a 10% discount to women who enroll in its Web Dev and Data Analytics bootcamp. Other scholarships may be available.
  • Launch Academy: Launch Academy offers rolling scholarships for women and underrepresented minorities in tech.
  • LearningFuze: LearningFuze’s BeSmartee aims to provide two scholarships of $2,000 for their Web Development Full Time program. 
  • Metis: Women can receive a $3,000 scholarship toward the Metis Data Science & Engineering Bootcamp tuition.
  • SecureSet: Scholarships are awarded from time to time. Get in touch with them for more information.
  • Suncoast Developers Guild: Suncoast Developers Guild seeks to narrow the gaps in the tech industry by introducing local companies to diverse talent by offering a scholarship of $1,900 to members of communities underrepresented in technology.
  • Tech Elevator: Tech Elevator’s Represent Tech Scholarships is ideal for students in underrepresented groups creating greater accessibility to careers in technology.
  • The Software Guild The Software Guild’s Women in Tech award grants a $2,000 discount on Software Guild tuition to qualifying women.
  • The Tech Academy: Tech Academy has scholarships available that must be discussed case-by-case.
  • Turing: Turing offers two $4,000 diversity scholarships in each cohort.
  • We Can Code It: You may be eligible for up to $2,000 in grants and scholarships for We Can Code It tuition if you are an underrepresented group in tech, including women.
  • BrainStation: Formerly known as Wyncode, BrainStation offers an Impact Scholarship awarded to members of underrepresented groups.

There are many programs and scholarships available, and it can be daunting trying to figure out which is the right fit for you. For more guidance, visit our guide on how to choose a coding bootcamp.

How Ascent Can Help

While the tech and STEM industries are moving toward equal representation across genders, it’s clear there is still more work to be done. If you’re interested in coding schools for women, you can help be part of closing the gap in tech by learning and getting a job after a coding bootcamp

If you’re interested in enrolling in a coding bootcamp, you don’t have to let finances be a hurdle. Along with the scholarships listed above, Ascent works directly with hundreds of bootcamp programs and can help provide financial assistance through multiple bootcamp loan options. Learn more about how Ascent can help you access career-changing education, or visit our blog for more helpful resources.

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