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Exploring Financial Wellness Resources In The Workplace

Jun 27, 2022 | By: Ascent
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Your income is a major factor in your financial well-being, but it’s not the only one. Financial well-being encompasses a wide range of factors, such as overall wealth, savings, monthly bills, debt, and job satisfaction. And while many employers can support their employees with direct financial assistance, like lowering payroll taxes, providing subsidized daycare or even with a 410(k) match, they can also help employees with the skills and habits needed to maintain their financial well-being. 


What do we mean by financial wellness?

Your financial wellness often refers to more than just the number in your bank account. It can mean how prepared you are in the event of an emergency or surprise unemployment, and it describes your ability to support yourself financially. 

Three-quarters of workers report that financial stress distracts them at work. When we prioritize our financial wellbeing, stress levels dip down to manageable levels, and we become happier, healthier individuals. This often reflects in our ability to show up and do our best work in our careers–which is to say, employers can see positive results when their employees’ financial wellness is maintained.

We’ve all seen “The Great Resignation” headlines, but have we considered the role that financial wellness plays in this issue? Employees who prioritize financial wellness will be less likely to leave their jobs, helping them achieve their growth, whether personal or financial. 


In fact, more than half of employees believe their employers are responsible for improving their financial wellness. 

Luckily, modern workplaces often have many options when looking into ways to help educate their employees. While interviewing or exploring companies to work for, you can ask what resources are available to employees. can provide the perfect resources to their staff if they so choose. Whether you’re on the job hunt, recently started a new job, or are just curious about additional ways to evolve your financial wellness, check out our tips below.


Some of the best financial wellness resources are at your fingertips!


Webinars can be a great medium for furthering your education. Not only does a webinar make learning a breeze, but you can attend the live event or watch a recording of the discussion later. Many companies offer webinars on various topics, such as 401K explanations, mortgage, first-time home buyers opportunities, and stock options. They are often seamlessly presented into a concise and informative experience for all. Whether your company offers this or not, you can discover webinar opportunities through a quick google search, and if you find a webinar that you think is particularly relevant or helpful, perhaps feel free to share it with your colleagues or employer.


Podcasts are another digital craft that has taken over the world, but what exactly can they do for your financial wellness? You may find a wealth of financial knowledge and sit in expert discussions as they share their own personal financial obstacles. While driving to work or folding laundry, you can implement education and learning into your routine by listening to podcasts. Topics are never-ending and easy to access! 

(Need some recommendations? Find our top picks here.)

Debt or Credit Counseling

Debt or credit counseling is another great benefit sometimes offered to employees. Most of us don’t enjoy discussing our financial burdens, but better understanding your financial situation and what you owe can make a huge impact. Employees with financial stress can become easily burnt out or distracted at work, so companies should provide options to resolve this. You may not know it, but perhaps you already have access to free or affordable counseling through your work’s employee benefits catalog. Contacting a counselor is often free and accessible to you 24/7 Interested in credit counseling but don’t know where to start? We’ve got a blog for that!


These are perhaps only a few of the available options that might be at your disposal with any job or internship opportunity. Investing in your financial wellness not only positively impacts you, but benefits your company as a whole. After all, the better we are as individuals, the more our workplaces benefit. 

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