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From Just Friends to Friends with Financial Benefits

Ascent is helping students earn money for college through their new Refer A Friend Program


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, SAN DIEGO, CA (August 6, 2019) – Commitments can be scary but finding ways to pay for college can be even scarier. That’s why Ascent Funding, LLC (“Ascent”), an award-winning, innovative, private student loan company, is helping students earn money for college by referring their friends through Ascent’s Refer A Friend Program. Students can now earn up to $525 for each friend they refer, and their friends get paid too!


“Ascent is committed to putting more money in the hands of those who need it most — the students,” said Kim McNealy, Chief Marketing Officer at Ascent. “Ascent’s Refer A Friend Program offers students the unique opportunity to earn money and help cover the cost of their college education for themselves and their friends.”


Students can visit to learn about the program and sign in or create a new Ascent account. (They do not need to have an Ascent loan to refer friends.) They will be provided with a unique referral link to share with their friends on social media and by email.  Here’s how they earn:

  • Earn $25 when someone they refer is approved for an Ascent loan using their referral link.
  • When the loan amount is disbursed to the person they referred, the student can earn an additional $500 and their friend can earn $100.


There is no limit on the number of friends a student can refer.  The more friends a student refers, the more they can earn.  While the program is focused on students, anyone over the age of 17 is eligible to refer friends, which means parents and families can also refer friends.  To see official rules, visit:


Ascent’s Refer A Friend Program is just one way Ascent is helping students pay for college. This summer, Ascent is also giving away $50,000 in scholarships through August 27, 2019. To learn more about the scholarship, visit


Students can learn more about Ascent’s Refer A Friend Program and read the Official Rules at





About Ascent Funding

Ascent is built around one guiding principle: Student loans should expand possibilities, not limit them. That’s why Ascent created a new private student loan program that gives students more opportunities to qualify for a loan, with or without a cosigner.  Approved applicants can get the funding needed to cover tuition and living expenses. Ascent program loans are originated by Richland State Bank, Member FDIC. Ascent encourages transparency and financial wellness by incorporating financial education into the application process, preserving the notion that an education is an investment where students and families should understand the return on their investment relative to the cost. Ascent also offers benefits (such as 1% cash back, scholarships, refer a friend program) and resources that set students and families up for financial success.


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