WEBINAR: Federal Student Loan Repayment De-Mystified – Set yourself up for financial success

For students and families feeling overwhelmed by the federal student loan repayment process, Ascent leaders share best practices and strategies to navigate the return of federal student loan payments with clear steps.

Preparing for Student Loan Repayment: Downloadable Guide

Download our helpful go-to guide to help simplify the federal student loan repayment process and give you key steps, tools, and resources as you plan for your upcoming payments.

Did you miss the webinar?

In the webinar, Ascent leaders cover key steps to help you prepare and adjust your budget as federal student loan payments resume.


  • Erin Swenson, Financial Wellness Coach
  • Allie Danziger, SVP & GM of Success
  • Michael Middleton, SVP & GM of College Lending

Key Takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Find your loan servicer to update your personal information
  • Understand your federal student loan repayment options
  • Discover helpful resources like the Federal Student Aid Official Website and Loan Simulator to help you adjust your budget