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How Long Does FAFSA Take to Process?
How long does the FAFSA take to process? We've compiled a quick reference guide on how long it takes to… Read More
Student Aid Index (SAI) vs. EFC – What’s the Difference?
Jan 25, 2024 | By: Ascent
Categories: Blog, For Schools, For College Students, For Parents and Cosigners
Understanding your financial aid options is one of the most challenging steps for students and families when applying to colleges.… Read More
How to Secure and Use a College Tuition Payment Plan
Embarking on your college journey is an exciting new adventure, filled with the promise of new experiences, personal growth, and… Read More
What is EFC (SAI), and What Does it Mean on FAFSA?
Jan 02, 2024 | By: Ascent
Categories: Blog, For Cosigners
Learn about Expected Family Contribution (EFC), now called the Student Aid Index (SAI), and its role in determining financial aid… Read More
When Does Student Loan Interest Start To Accrue? A Comprehensive Guide
When does interest start to accrue on student loans? Ascent explains when student loans start to accrue interest and when… Read More
How is Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) or SAI Number Calculated?
EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution and is a number used in the FAFSA process to help calculate your eligibility… Read More
FAFSA Simplification Act: Changes to the FAFSA
Ascent Funding walks you through the changes that will be happening to the FAFSA with the FAFSA Simplification Act. Read More
When is FAFSA Due for the 2024-25 School Year? Deadlines & FAQs for Students
Worried about missing important FAFSA deadlines for the upcoming school year? Ascent Funding outlines all of the financial aid deadlines… Read More
Do You Need a Cosigner for Student Loans?
Dec 20, 2023 | By: Ascent
Categories: Blog, For Students, For Cosigners
Not sure if you need a cosigner for your student loans? Learn more about the different factors you should consider… Read More
How to Add or Change a School Code on FAFSA
Dec 20, 2023 | By: Ascent
Categories: Blog, For Students, For Cosigners, For Schools
Need to update your school information on the FAFSA? Learn more about the process of adding, editing, or deleting a… Read More