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The Micro Internship: a Virtual Experience with a Hands-On Outcome

The Micro Internship: a Virtual Experience with a Hands-On Outcome | Ascent Funding

You work hard in college. But as true as that is, only about 50% of 2020 graduates had full-time positions within 6 months of leaving campus. Between the study groups, the late nights, and the espresso withdrawals, how do we ensure it all blossoms into the career of our dreams? The answer you’ve heard most is likely a mix between networking and scoring the perfect internship…but what if that’s easier said than done? 

 In this post, we’re gonna walk you through the next big opportunity for interns: the micro internship. By the end of this page, you’ll know what it is, and why you want one, and have plenty of links throughout the blog to learn more about how you can find a micro interning opportunity to expand your career path.  


Here at Ascent, we love a good internship, here’s why:  

 Our Ascent interns are way more than just ‘interns.’ In fact, their real-time feedback and creative power is our bread and butter! Internships create a bridge of networking and experience that can link you to some of the best and brightest professors and employers in your field of interest, keeping you in the running for some incredible opportunities after graduation. As it happens, one of our interns discovered eight great tips to help you find an internship that’s right for you! 


Is a standard internship not in the cards for you? Consider micro internships! 

 Not everyone can put their lives on hold for an internship. Do you feel as though you’ve got too many bills to pay or responsibilities at home? Maybe you can’t afford to give up your student housing or jeopardize your study time? This is where the term “micro internship” comes in.  

 (psst! Is the financial stress up above a little too relatable? No worries, we’ve got a blog for that) 


Let’s break down just what a micro internship looks like: 

 While any offering company can tailor a micro internship to look however they want, the generic explanation is simply a virtual task or job experience that makes interning more accessible to the everyday student or job seeker. Forbes suggests this entails anywhere from 5-40 hours of work and you don’t have to wait for the fall or spring, they can be offered any time during the year. Because as we previously pointed out, not everyone is in a place where they can accept the standard internship. This means you can stay in your lease, keep your barista job, and go to your study groups, all the while working for real companies on short-term projects that give you the ultimate resume boost.  


Why would a company decide to offer micro internships? 

 Even though it might seem like companies worldwide would prefer a full-time, in-house intern to perform for them, that’s actually not the case. Employers can meet more candidates than they ever could have when relying on traditional networking to bring in the perfect new hires. Not only is the outreach huge, but micro internships make intern programs substantially more cost-effective. Companies who begin accepting and offering micro internships are avoiding the cost of travel or housing stipends due to the virtual aspect of the experience.  


Speaking of new hires, the micro internship may be the best college to career stepping stone yet. 

 It was institutions like the University of Michigan and Northeastern University that first noticed the novelty of a virtual interning experience. The two universities were quick to integrate micro interning as an option listed alongside their standard internships and many campuses followed suit—and they were wise to do so. It’s no secret that the best way to have confidence in your next career move is to have your skills down and practiced like a pro. A micro internship could be the best way to make that happen. Career endeavors can be overwhelming, but a micro internship can meet you right where you’re at in any stage of life. It’s a priceless experience that will help you develop skills, expand your resume, and foster community within your dream field.  


Ascent not only is the pathway to financial wellness, but we’ve got some pretty great career support, too.  

 Ascent wants to be included in your journey to success. Our blogs, videos, and even scholarships are meant to provide a sense of relief and partnership to the financial, professional, and educational aspects of your life and so much more. Make us your first stop for advice and resources to get you from one goal to the next. 


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