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To Transfer or Not to Transfer?
Oct 22, 2018 | By: Ascent | In: Blog, For Cosigners
National Student Clearinghouse Research Center found that over one-third of college students transfer at least once. Of these students, 14.1… Read More
Understanding Student Loans: 3 Tips to Help Your Family
Oct 11, 2018 | By: Ascent | In: Blog, For Cosigners
Student loans are a great tool to use to go to college with nearly seven in 10 college seniors (68… Read More
Solutions to Help Your Students Get Funding
Sep 07, 2018 | By: Dennis K. Wentworth | VP of Ascent Business Development | In: Blog, Research & Insights, For Schools
The Ascent program is guided by a focus on transparency, financial education and student outcomes, working with students and families… Read More
Student Loans are a Labor of Love
Aug 31, 2018 | By: Ascent | In: Blog, For Cosigners
In this post, we’ll take a look at how student loans can enable you to prioritize your educational path and… Read More
Here’s How Much to Borrow in Student Loans  | CNBC
Aug 29, 2018 | By: Ascent | In: News
“And the trend of graduating with student debt shows no sign of slowing. About 60 percent of current college students… Read More
Older Americans: The new face of student loan debt | Fox Business
Aug 16, 2018 | By: Ascent | In: News
“Seniors are facing a serious financial crisis in their golden years: student loan debt…Ken Ruggiero, chief executive officer of Goal… Read More
Last-Minute Options for Filling Your College Funding Gap
Aug 04, 2018 | By: Ascent | In: Blog, For Students
There can be many uncertain factors that prevent us from securing all our college funding. If you find that you… Read More
Back to School: Planning for the Year Ahead
Aug 03, 2018 | By: Ascent | In: Blog, For Students
Once you have the budgeting ball rolling, it’s much easier to keep it going, but you’ll still have to work… Read More
How to Talk to Your Kids About Money and Paying for College
Aug 03, 2018 | By: Ascent | In: Blog, For Cosigners
Talking about money with anyone can be hard. Talking about paying for college with your kids can be even tougher… Read More
7 Budgeting Tips for the School Year
Aug 03, 2018 | By: Ascent | In: Blog, For Students
The price of college can go beyond just tuition—living expenses and additional school costs can really add up. Quickly. This… Read More